Brent Walters
Rachna Choksi

– Inspiration and Cofounder –
Rachna is the mother of two wonderful kids, Samay and Sanya, who take all of her time when she’s not seeing patients in her dental practice in Coral Springs, Florida. Like any mom, she constantly worries about her children when they are not in front of her. She vividly remembers the time her 3-month old Samay was vaccinated just before she had to go to work. She dropped her son off at home with her husband but used her smart phone to watch her son in his room via a baby monitor. She saw her son was irritated due to the shots but he soon fell asleep. Her son slept on his belly for a long time and this worried Rachna. She wanted to make sure Samay was ok but there was no way to know for sure other than asking her husband to check on him. She wondered if other working parents were having the same anxieties and why there were not any devices to provide more information about her son’s sleeping state. When she discussed this with her entrepreneur husband Karan, she strongly urged him to look into a way to make sure their son was breathing properly via the baby monitor. Karan approached Vik (a classmate in his MBA program), and discussed this issue and there begins the REMMO story. Read more about Remmo’s development in the Road that led to Remmo.