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What is Remmo™?
Remmo is a non-contact, wireless baby monitor.
So what’s different about Remmo™?
Remmo is the only monitor that along with audio and video, tracks your child’s breathing without direct physical contact. This means that Remmo operates without the need of a wearable device or sensor under the mattress. Click here to learn more about Remmo.
How does it work?
You can mount Remmo on a wall or keep it on a nightstand and focus the camera on the crib where your child is sleeping. Download the Remmo app onto your smartphone and then power up Remmo. The app will display your baby along with a breathing indicator.
Are there any limitations with Remmo™?
Remmo is not a life saving medical device to prevent SIDS. The purpose of Remmo is to help you view your child on your smartphone and also make sure he or she is breathing. If there is no breathing motion from your child for more than 20 seconds, the phone alerts you as long as the phone is working and the app is running. Remmo works up to a distance of 12 feet.

Remmo can detect breathing for only one child at a time. The app will warn you if it detects more than one child or person within the detection range of the Remmo. We are continuing to develop the Remmo to be able to detect and monitor more than one child or person at the same time.

What technology do you use to detect movement?
Remmo’s technology is patented and uses the concept of very low power radio waves to detect human micro-movements.
Is it safe?
Everyone is concerned about the effects electrical devices may have on the body. However, there is absolutely no danger from using Remmo as intended. The power of the radio waves used by Remmo is similar to those used by remote control devices such as for your TV. For comparison, the waves from your home Wi-Fi are around 100 times more powerful than the waves produced by Remmo; the waves produced by your cellphone are around 1000 times stronger than those produced by Remmo. Remmo’s breathing monitor feature is able to work with such weak radio waves because it doesn’t need to transmit over long distances or through objects, just the way your TV remote control won’t work if an object is blocking its signal.