5 Ways to Help a New Mother

I was very lucky when I had my first child in that my mother-in-law came to stay for two weeks.  I know, some people may shudder at the very idea of having Big Mama in the house when baby comes home, but those people might not actually be parents yet!  Having someone during those first few days who can help around the house, cook food and jump at the chance to look after the little one while you take a much needed nap, is something for which I will be eternally thankful! So, if you have a friend or family member who has just had a baby, (more…)

Does the Modern Baby Monitor Do Too Much?

Over the last few years there’s been a breakthrough of new digital devices for the nursery promising to alleviate parental anxiety by monitoring a sleeping baby’s vital signs.

In tandem, there’s been a swell of concern from pediatric professionals who worry that new moms and dads will presume such technology will act like a medical device, (more…)

The Road to Remmo: The making of the world’s first wireless baby monitor

Like so many of the world’s great ideas, RemmoTM came about as a result of female astuteness. Rachna Arora, a working mother of two, was unimpressed with the limitations of her baby monitor. A busy dentist with her own practice, she used the monitor via her smartphone to keep tabs on her kids while they were at home with dad and she was at work.

Following a particularly fretful episode wherein Rachna was unable to gauge whether her post-vaccinated baby boy was just sleeping soundly or if his motionless state meant something more serious, she turned to Karan, her husband, for a solution. Why not create a baby monitor (more…)

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