Monitoring your baby should be easy and fun

No more need to constantly tip-toe in to check on baby when you can see everything from your phone.
You will have more time for yourself, but still be in-tune with your baby.
If your child's breathing stops, Remmo™ will alert you immediately through your phone.

An Introduction to REMMO™

Why should I choose REMMO™

Easy to use
Simple and Mobile
One small hardware device is all that is needed to monitor your child. Your smartphone receives the signals.
Peace of Mind
You will feel safe when Remmo™ monitors your child because it will alert you if there is no breathing.
Easy to use
Our patented technology accurately and safely detects the presence or absence of breathing movement.

There is no need to worry about your baby every single minute. Now you have the chance to relax because the Remmo™ baby monitor will keep an eye on your child and will inform you if your child’s breathing stops.

Video and Audio
Remmo™ transmits a clear audio and visual signal to your smart phone using Wi-Fi.
Non Contact
No current devices on the market can wirelessly monitor an infant’s breathing without some type of physical contact.
Alert Mechanism
Because Remmo™ works in a fundamentally different way than other infant monitors, the chance for false alerts is lower than other devices.

The demand for an ideal baby monitor is a global phenomenon

Listen to parents from all over the world

Why parents like the idea of REMMO™

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Karla from Mexico
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